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Projects John can complete to high quality finish:-

  • New builds
  • Extensions
  • Alterations
  • Brickwork
  • Work with all types of stone
  • Paving
  • Block paving
  • Property repairs
  • Drystone walling 0.5 meters - miles

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Dry Stone Walling

 John has built miles of dry stone walling over the years.He now thinks he has mastered the
art of dry stone walling.Also 99% of John's farm walling has had no waste of stone over the past few years .He pays an interest to dry stone walling as well as it just been a job.

According to The Dry Stone Walling Association:-
Dry stone walling is as much an art as a science, and this can occasionally give
rise to frustration and misunderstanding to those professionals not
fully acquainted with it. Seemingly inconsequential considerations can quite


 substantially affect the ease of construction and hence, price. A site visit and
discussion prior to estimating will almost invariably be necessary for the waller.
 The difference in standards between good and bad work are probably greater than in any other skill.
This, combined with the need to recognise the inexperience of those
professionals commissioning dry stone walling in judging the quality
of the product makes it essential to obtain the services of a qualified waller
and with prestigious work, this is particularly so.
To emphasise the point: work should last 100-150 years when carried out
by a skilled waller, yet failure in 5 or less is frequent.

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Derbyshire Inn Extension

In 2004 John completed a very large extension to the Jug And Glass Inn
near Hartington on the A515.

The project Was to build all the stonework,blockwork and groundworks on a large extension to a Derbyshire public inn.The extension was to incorporate 9 ensute bedrooms,new kitchen for the inn,storeage area and new toilet block .The stone was supplied by a local quarry,approx 250 tons of stone ,every stone on site was dressed by hand,sorted into sizes by John only .so that extenson could be built in coursed stonework also stating with largest stone on the bottom courses and smallest on the very top courses.

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