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Dog Rescue

(May 11, 2019)
John takes his work and running his business very seriously.
Outside work in his spare time he is a dedicated volunteer for a dog rescue.Who rescue and rehome German Shepherd Dogs across England and Wales. John has found him self  a dogs very last chance,on more than a few separate occasions, with the help of the rescue found them the perfect forever home. John works closely with the rescue helping out daily. 
In the photo is Luna a 10-year-old German Shepherd dog. An outside dog who was not house trained. Luna future was becoming more and more unsafe by the day. John helped her into a foster home where she is now safe and can be re assessed. Luna's life went from unsafe and miserable to totally amazing, the day she went into foster care. Luna is now getting lots of TLC and we are getting daily updates on her. The rescue will be there for Luna for the rest of her life.

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